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The official website to check all National University results is www.nu.ac.bd result. If you’re a National University student, this article is for you. Many students complete their education through the National University. The university is located in Gazipur, Dhaka, and has been overseeing many educational institutions since its establishment in 1992. Results for various exams of the National University are published throughout the year. In this article, you’ll learn how to check these results.

Welcome to the details about NU Honours, Masters, and Degree results, where you’ll find information about all-year results. The official site for publishing exam notices, routines, results, and more is www.nu.ac.bd. Additionally, you can check results and updates through the website https://resultnu.com, which is a third-party site supporting students to get information.

Honours exams from 1st to 4th year happen at different times of the year. If you know the right rules to check the results, you can see them quickly. Besides Honours, there are various other exams including Degree and Masters, and their results are published by the National University Authority at different times of the year. In this article, you’ll learn the rules to check all exam results.

www.nu.ac.bd result 2024

If you want to check out notices or results from the National University, just visit www.nu.ac.bd. There are over 28 lakh students studying different courses there. These courses are split into two types: General and Professional. Results for any exam are usually posted on the official website. There are different ways to check them. When people talk about “NU result,” they’re usually referring to the academic outcomes from the National University of Bangladesh. These results cover many programs like Honours, Masters, Degree Pass courses, and professional courses. Students in these programs can now see their exam results online at results.nu.ac.bd. They can view results individually or by college, depending on what they need.

How to Get www.nu.ac.bd result 2024

The official website of the National University, Bangladesh, is NU AC BD. When the result comes out, you can find it there. But because many people try to see it at the same time, the website may be slow. There’s a separate link on the National University website to check the result: www.nu.ac.bd result.

If the website is too slow, you can try other websites to see the result. However, sometimes all the websites become slow because too many people are trying to use them at once.

When many people are using the website, the mobile networks might work better. So, you can try checking the result through SMS. But don’t worry if the website is slow; it will be back to normal after a few hours.

Here’s how to check your result:

  1. Visit the official website link results.nu.ac.bd.
  2. Click on the Result menu or go directly to the Result page.
  3. Choose your course (for example, select Masters).
  4. Click on the year you want (for example, click Masters Final).
  5. Enter your exam registration number.
  6. Fill in your exam year.
  7. Type the Captcha code.
  8. Finally, click the Submit button.

After you submit your information, you’ll see your result in a new pop-up window.

NU Honours Result 2024

To check your Honors result for any year, first, go to the official website www.nu.ac.bd/results. Sometimes, the website gets very busy on the first day of result release, but you might still get the chance to see the results there. However, the quickest way is to find out instantly through SMS on your phone.

Here’s how to do it: Open your mobile’s message option. Type NU, put a space, then write H1, H2, H3, or H4 depending on your year. After that, enter your roll or registration number with a space. Finally, send the message to 16222.

NU Degree Result 2024

To check your NU Degree Result, go to the official website www.nu.ac.bd result. Once there, choose “degree.” If you can’t find it on the website, you can still see it via SMS. Just follow these steps from any mobile operator.

First, open your message option on your mobile. Type NU, then DEG with a space. Next, give another space and enter your roll number. After typing the message correctly, send it to 16222. You should receive the results in a return message shortly after.

NU Masters Result 2024

To check your NU Masters results, you’ll follow a similar process. There are two kinds of candidates: Regular and Professional. First, go to www.nu.ac.bd result. Then, choose which stage you want to see the result for. You can view results for individuals or colleges on the National University’s official website.

For individual results, enter your roll and registration number in the specified box. For college-wise results, use the college code. It might take some time to see detailed results on the website. If so, you can easily check your result by sending an SMS from your mobile phone.

Open your messaging app, type “NU MF” followed by a space. Then, type your roll or registration number, again followed by a space, and send it to 16222.

NU Professional Result 2024

National University offers various professional courses, which have their own categories. These courses have different schedules compared to regular courses. If you want to see the results of professional courses, you should visit the official National University website. There, you need to choose the professional option and then enter your roll number or registration number to see your result.

Creating an account on the website can make it easier for you to check results in the future. Additionally, you can also check results by sending an SMS from your mobile phone. The format for sending the SMS is similar to checking honors or degree results from any mobile operator. I hope you understand how to check the National University Professional Course Result. If you check the result via SMS first, you can later see the detailed result on the website after a few hours.

www.nu.ac.bd result Check

Students have different ways to see their NU Exam Result. They can check it online, get it by SMS, use a special Results APP, or get it from their College.

Here’s how to check your National University (NU) exam results:

Online Method:

  1. Go to either www.nu.ac.bd/results the official NU results website.
  2. Look for the “Result” section on the homepage.
  3. Choose the type of exam result you want (like Honours, Degree, or Masters).
  4. Pick the right year or part of your program (such as 1st Year or 2nd Year).
  5. Enter your Exam Registration Number and the Exam Year.
  6. Fill in the Captcha Code you see.
  7. Click the “Submit” or “Search Result” button.
  8. Your result will appear on the screen. You can print or download it.

SMS Method:

  1. Open your phone’s messaging app.
  2. Compose a new message with this format: NU [Course Short Code] [Your Roll/Registration Number].
  3. For example, if you’re checking Honours 1st Year result, type: NU H2 [Your Roll Number].
  4. Send the message to 16222.
  5. You’ll get an SMS with your result.

Remember, the Course Short Code changes based on your program and year (like H1 for Honours 1st Year, H2 for Honours 2nd Year, etc.).

Follow these steps to check your National University exam results. Keep in mind, sometimes the website can be slow if lots of people are checking results at once. If it’s slow, try again later.


This helpful guide showed you how to check your results on the official website of the National University of Bangladesh. Remember, the university’s website is where you’ll find all the correct information about results. So, make sure to visit www.nu.ac.bd result 2024 to see your result. Thanks for stopping by!

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