NU Honours Admission Release Slip Result 2024

The National University of Bangladesh just announced the NU Honours Admission Circular for the year 2024-25. According to this circular, you can start applying online from January 22, 2025, and you have until February 11, 2025, to finish. If you’re interested, you need to fill out your application on the National University’s website and pay the application fee through mobile banking. This post gives you all the important info about the admission circular, like dates and how to apply.

  • Online Application Starts: January 22, 2025
  • Online Application Ends: February 11, 2025
  • Application Fee: 350 BDT
  • Payment Method: Mobile Banking
  • Last Date of Payment: February 12, 2025
  • Class Start: March 10, 2025

NU Honours Admission Requirements

To get into the National University Honours program in 2025, you need to meet certain requirements. First, you must have passed your SSC or similar exam in either 2021 or 2022, and your HSC or similar exam in 2023 or 2024. In both exams, you need to have at least a GPA of 3.00, including the fourth subject. The total GPA from both exams should be at least 7.0. Also, you must be no older than 22 years.

NU Honours Admission Application Process

To apply for admission to the National University, students should visit the official website: Application Process Overview:

  1. Visit the link.
  2. Enter your SSC & HSC info and click Next.
  3. Check your info, make sure it’s right, then click Next. Also, choose your gender.
  4. Pick your college and subject, then click Next. Be careful with your subject choice.
  5. If you’re eligible for a quota, choose it and click Next.
  6. Upload your photo (120×150 pixels, JPG format, max 50 KB). Preview your app, check everything, then submit. Print it on A4 paper (8.5″x11″).
  7. After filling the form, submit it to your chosen college.

National University is the biggest university in Bangladesh, founded in 1992. It’s in Gazipur.

Payment Method

Here’s how you pay the National University Honors admission application fee:

  1. Fill out the application form.
  2. Sign and date the form.
  3. Pay the application fee of 300 Taka.
  4. You can pay the fee through mobile banking or directly at your college.
  5. Once you’ve paid, your college will confirm your application online.
  6. You’ll receive a message to let you know it’s been confirmed.

NU Honours Admission Circular Download

The admission circular for the National University of Bangladesh comes in both picture and PDF forms. To apply right, read the circular carefully. You can pick either the picture or PDF to download. Make sure to look at the important dates, how to apply, fees, and any other important info in the circular.

NU Admission Result

After the NU Admission Result 2024 comes out, all the students who got selected must finish their admission by the given deadline. If they don’t complete it by then, they will lose their spot. Admission from the Honours 2nd merit list will begin soon. Students need to finish their admission by April 2024. To do this, they must submit the final admission form and necessary documents to the assigned college. They also need to pay the required fee either through mobile banking or directly.

NU Admission Result Date

National University shares notices before releasing admission results. These notices include the date, time, and rules for viewing the results. They also explain what selected candidates should do next. National University of Bangladesh publishes several merit lists for Honours, Masters, Degree (Pass), and Professional courses. Migration and quota results are published separately. Release slip results come after admissions from merit lists.

Students who completed admission from the 2nd merit list must download and submit the subject change form to their college

1st Merit List: This list is released after the primary admission application. It is for vacant seats in each course or subject.

2nd Merit List: This list is for seats still available after the 1st merit list admissions. Students not selected in the 1st list are considered in the 2nd list.

3rd Merit List: If seats remain after the 2nd merit list admissions, the 3rd merit list is released. This depends on the National University Admission Authority.

Migration Result: This result is for students who completed admission from the 1st merit list. Migration happens automatically based on the student’s merit score and preference. Students can choose to opt out of automatic migration.

Quota Results: These results are for students eligible for quota admission and who included quota information in their application.

Release Slip Result: After merit list admissions, students can apply for a release slip. They must provide new college and subject preferences. Students not placed in the 1st or 2nd merit list, who did not complete admission after selection, or who canceled admission can apply. Those who did not fill out the primary admission form cannot apply. Release slip results are published after these applications. National University completes the admission process through several release slips.

NU Honours Admission Merit List

To get into the Honours program at National University, they check your marks from the SSC and HSC exams. They give more weight to your HSC marks, like 60%, and a bit less to your SSC marks, like 40%. They might not count the marks from your 4th subject if it’s not needed. Also, they consider your age. If two students have similar marks, they prefer the younger one. This helps make sure everyone gets a fair chance.

The National University admission circular for 2025 is like a manual for students who want to join the University. It tells you how to apply and when you need to do things. It’s crucial to follow the circular so you can study at the National University. Make sure to read it carefully, follow all the steps, and don’t miss any deadlines.

How to Check NU Honours Admission Result?

There are two ways to check the NU Admission Result 2024. You can either check online or by sending an SMS. Choose the method that works best for you. Here are the steps for each method:


  1. Visit the National University Admission Website at
  2. Go to the tab for your course (Honours, Degree Pass, Masters, or Professionals).
  3. Click on the applicant login link for your course.
  4. Enter your admission application roll and PIN.
  5. Click the login button.
  6. View your NU Admission Result 2024 on the dashboard.


  1. Open your messaging app.
  2. Write: NU <ATHN> Your Admission Roll
  3. Send the message to 16222.
  4. Standard SMS charges will apply.

This example is for checking the NU Admission Result 2024 for Honours.


how to apply to the National University of Bangladesh for the 2024-25 academic year. It’s very important to follow the instructions in the admission circular. If you’re interested, you can start applying online from January 22, 2025, until February 11, 2025. Remember to pay the application fee of 350 BDT through mobile banking before February 12, 2025. Classes will start on March 10, 2025.

To apply, visit the National University’s official website and follow the application process steps. Make sure to provide accurate information and choose your college and subject carefully. After submitting your application, pay the fee and wait for confirmation from your college. Thanks for visiting.

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