NU Honours Admission Result 2024

The National University has announced the NU Honours Admission Result 2024. This result is for those who applied for admission to the Honours 1st Year for the academic year 2023-2024. You can find out your result by visiting the website You can also get the results by sending a text message. Both the first and second merit lists for NU Admission 2024 will be available using the same methods.

Today, the National University released the Honours Admission Result for 2024 at 4 PM. If you want to join the Honours program in the 2024 session, you can check your result online by using your admission roll number and PIN. You can also check it through SMS on the same day.

To check the National University Honours Admission Result for 2024 online, visit the website Additionally, in this article, we will explain how to easily check the admission result via SMS.

We’ll also discuss in detail what steps successful applicants need to take for final enrollment. And for those who didn’t make it, we’ll talk about what they can do next. Let’s start the discussion right away.

NU Honours Admission Result 2024

The National University always tells people about the admission results before they come out. They say when and how to see the results and what to do if you’re chosen. For different courses like Honours, Masters, Degree, and Professional, they usually have different lists. They also release results for migration and quotas separately. If you miss getting in from the main lists, there’s still a chance with the release slip results. Today, at 4 PM, they’ll announce the Honours First Year Admission Result for students trying to join the National University.

Anyone who applied before to join the Honours program at colleges connected to the National University will see their results today. After 4 PM, you can find the results on the National University’s official website. You’ll see who got into which subject and which college.

The National University already gave a full notice about the admission process. Lots of students apply online to join the Honours program because of these notices. The university made the results based on who applied and how good their grades were.

Today, they’re releasing the results for the Honours admission list. Later, we’ll explain how you can check them online or by SMS.

NU Honours Admission Result 2024

The National University shared a notice about the Merit List Results for Honors First Year Admission. Here’s what you need to know:

First, there’s the 1st Merit List. It comes out right after the initial admission applications. This list shows the available spots in each course.

Then, we have the 2nd Merit List. This one comes after the 1st list and fills up the remaining spots. If you weren’t picked in the 1st list, you’re considered for the 2nd list.

Next is the 3rd Merit List. It’s only released if there are still openings after the 2nd list. But whether it happens depends on the National University Admission Authority.

There’s also the Migration Result. It’s for students who got into the 1st list but want to switch to another college or subject. It happens automatically based on merit and preference, but students can choose not to do it.

Quota Results are for students eligible for quota admission. They need to mention this in their application to be considered.

Finally, there’s the Release Slip Result. This is for students who weren’t placed in the 1st or 2nd list, or who canceled their admission. They can apply for a release slip to try for other colleges or subjects. But if you didn’t fill out the initial admission form, you can’t apply for this. The result is published after the application period, and the process might involve multiple rounds.

How to Check NU Honours Admission Result 2024

In this part, we’ll talk about how students can check if they got into Honors classes for the 2023-24 school year. We’ll explain how to do it online and through text messages, and we’ll give you all the details.

You can check your admission result online or by SMS. We’ll break down both ways for you. It’s really important to know that if you got into any program last year (2022-2023) and you’re on the first merit list this year, you need to cancel last year’s admission by April 24, 2024, and fill out the final admission form online.

If you don’t cancel last year’s admission, they’ll cancel your admission for this year. Also, if you’re on the first merit list and you want to change what you’re studying, you have to say “Yes” in the part of the form about changing subjects.

If you’re changing subjects, they’ll look at your grades and what seats are open in the colleges you’re interested in, and they’ll decide if you can switch. Classes for students who got in this year will start in May 2024.

How to Check NU Admission Result 2024?

To find out if you got into NU for 2024, you have two ways. One is going to the website The other is by texting. You can use whichever way you like. Here’s how to do it online:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose your course like Honours/Degree Pass/Masters/Professionals.
  3. Click on applicant login for your course.
  4. Put in your application roll number and PIN.
  5. Hit login.
  6. You’ll see your NU Admission Result 2024 on the dashboard.


To find out if you got into NU for 2024, send a text from your phone. You’ll be charged the usual text message cost.

  1. Open your messaging app.
  2. Type: NU <ATHN> Your Admission Roll
  3. Send it to 16222.

This is for Honours admission to NU in 2024.

NU Honours Admission Result 2024

1st Merit List

Students who got into the first merit list have to finish their admission process by following these steps and schedule:

  1. Filling Out Forms: From March 18, 2024, to April 1, 2028, they need to go to the National University’s admission website. Then, they click on the Honours Login link, type in their roll number and pin, fill out the final admission form, and print it.
  1. Paying Registration Fee: Between March 19, 2028, and April 2, 2028, students from the first merit list must pay a registration fee of 565 BDT. They can do this through mobile banking provided by the college or directly to the college.
  1. College Confirmation: From March 19, 2024, to April 3, 2024, colleges need to confirm the final admission of students in the first merit list. They check all info and photos on the admission forms against the students’ certificates and mark sheets. If there’s any mistake, the college has to report it to the Dean.
  1. Paying Registration Fee to Sonali Bank: Before April 15, 2024, students admitted from the first merit list have to pay their registration fee to any Sonali Bank branch. Colleges can download the Pay Slip from the Admission Payment Info (Honours) option. This slip contains the total fee amount. Students take this slip to the bank, pay the fee, and get a receipt.

NU Honours Admission Result 2024

2nd Merit List

Attention all students who got admitted in the 1st and 2nd merit lists: The results for changing subjects for these students are out! They were published on April 18, 2024, at 4:00 PM. You can check your results via SMS (send ‘nu<space>athn<space>roll no’ to 16222) starting from 4:00 PM. You can also find them on the admission website ( from 9:00 PM on the same day.

If you were admitted in the 2nd Merit List and were admitted to any educational program in the academic year 2022-2023, you must cancel your previous year’s admission by April 24, 2024. To request a subject change, simply choose the “Yes” option in the specific cell of the final admission form. Make sure to download the admission form for the new subject from April 18, 2024. Your admission in the previous subject will be canceled, and the new subject will be confirmed by April 28, 2024. No fees are required for subject changes.

For students placed in the 2nd merit list, here are the steps for final admission:

Fill the online admission form and collect its print/PDF copy from the National University admission website from April 18, 2024, to April 21, 2024.

Pay the registration fee of Rs. 565/- along with the final admission form by April 29, 2018, either through mobile banking or directly as instructed by the college.

The college should confirm your final admission by April 21, 2018. Before confirming, they must check all the information and photographs in your admission form with your certificate and mark sheet. If there are any mistakes, they should report them in writing to the Dean, School of Undergraduate Education, without confirming your admission.

NU Honours Admission Merit List

The National University (NU) creates a list of top students for Honours Admission. They look at various things like your SSC and HSC results to make this list. They check the grades you got in these exams and pay attention to specific subjects that are important for the programs you want to study. The list is made based on your grades from SSC and HSC exams. The National University also reserves some spots for different groups according to government rules.

Your grades decide your rank. If you have higher grades, you’ll be higher on the list. Then, they publish the list. It shows who got into which program and college.

Honours Admission Merit List making Process

Lots of people want to know why they’re on the Honours Admission Merit List. Sometimes, we don’t end up in the college or studying the subject we hoped for, which can be confusing. But it’s not our fault. The list is made by checking the grades we got in our SSC and HSC exams, and how many spots are there in the college and subject we picked. The ones with better grades and marks are listed first. Also, some students, like quota holders, get special benefits to help them get on the list. So, it’s not random; there’s a process to it.

Final Admission Form Fill-up

If you want to go to the National University, you need to finish your admission process by filling out the final form. If you’re picked for the Honours course in the 2nd list, you must fill this form from April 18th to April 28th, 2024. Use your admission roll and PIN to log in and complete the form.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Honours tab.
  3. Select “Applicant’s Login” under Honours Admission.
  4. Log in using your admission roll and PIN.
  5. Fill in the required info on the form.
  6. After completing, download and print the form.


All the stuff for National University Admission 2024 will happen on the NU admission system website You can find the NU Admission Result 2024 and all the instructions about Admission there. Keep checking this website for any updates about admission. Remember, it’s the only official place to check your National University Admission Result 2024 and get all the info about admission.

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