NU Admission Result 1st Merit List 2024

Today, the National University revealed the NU Honours Admission Result 1st Merit List 2024. They put it up on their website and also shared it through SMS. This list includes all the students who applied for admission to the National University. A whopping 548,428 students applied for the Honours Program this year.

You can see if you made it to the first merit list by visiting the National University’s admission website: There, you’ll find all the details about the admission process and the merit list. You can also get your results through SMS. The National University even provided the merit list with marksheets.

The NU Admission Result 1st Merit List 2024 is now available on the National University’s official website. It shows where successful candidates got placed in different colleges and programs, based on their merit and choices. To see if you’re on the list, just use your admission roll number.

NU Admission Result 1st Merit List 2024

National University just released the 1st merit list for Honours Admission today, 2024. This list is for students who want to join colleges affiliated with NU, whether they’re government or non-government ones. You can check if you got in online or by SMS.

Applications for admission were open from January 22, 2024, to February 11, 2024. Now, students are eagerly waiting for the results of their NU Admission Merit List.

Let’s walk you through how to check the Honours Admission Result step by step. You’ll find out if you got into your chosen program or not. Remember, if your name is on the list, make sure to fill out the final admission form and choose the “Auto Migration” option carefully.

National University Admission Result 1st Merit List 

The National University has released the first list of students selected for admission in 2024. This is for the Honours 1st Year Admission for the 2023-2024 session. To check if you got in, you can visit admission result or send a text message.

Before announcing the admission results, the National University shares notices. These notices tell you when and how to see the results. They also explain what selected students need to do next. The National University often releases multiple merit lists for different courses like Honours, Masters, Degree (Pass), and Professional courses. Results for migration and quota are announced separately. If you’re on the waiting list, your results will come out after the initial admissions.

How to Check NU Honours Admission Result 2024

To find out if you got into NU in 2024, you have two ways. One is to go to the NU website,, and look for the admission result section. The other is to send a text message. You can choose whichever way you like. Here’s how to do it online:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on your course, like Honours, Degree Pass, Masters, or Professionals.
  3. Then, click on the link for applicant login.
  4. Enter your application roll number and PIN.
  5. Click login.
  6. You’ll see your NU Admission Result 2024 on the dashboard.

How to Check NU Honours Admission Result 2024 via SMS

You can find out if you got into National University for your honors program in 2024 by sending a text message to 16222. Follow these steps:

  1. Open your messaging app.
  2. Type: NU <Space> ATHN <Space> Your Admission Roll Number.
  3. Send the message to 16222.

You’ll get charged the usual SMS fee for each message you send.

NU Honours Admission Merit List

The National University (NU) makes a merit list for Honours Admission. They use different things like SSC and HSC results to make this list. They check the grades from these exams and focus on important subjects for specific programs. The merit list is made based on the grades from SSC and HSC exams. The National University also keeps some seats for different groups as per the government rules.

Candidates get ranked by their grades. Those with higher grades get listed first. Then, the merit list gets published. It shows who got selected for which program and college.

NU Admission 2024

Once they announce the NU Admission Result 2024, all the students who got selected need to finish their admission by the given date. If they don’t, they’ll lose their spot. The admission process for the Honours 1st merit list begins on April, 2024. You must finish your admission by April, 2024. To do this, you need to hand in your final admission form and all the necessary papers to your college. Also, you have to pay the required fee through mobile banking or directly.

Honours Admission Merit List making Process

Many people wonder how they end up on the Honours Admission Merit List. Sometimes we don’t get the college or subject we want, which can be confusing. But it’s not a mistake on our part. The merit list is made by looking at the grades we got in our SSC and HSC exams, and how many seats are available in the college and subject we’ve chosen. Those with higher grades and marks get listed first. There are also special benefits for certain groups of students, like quota holders, to help them get on the list too. So, it’s not random; there’s a process behind it.


Well done to everyone who made it onto the 1st merit list for the NU Honors Admission Result 2024! And to those who didn’t or are on the waiting list, best of luck! Hopefully, you’ll also get a spot in the 2nd merit list with the college and subject you want. Make sure to read the whole article carefully and thank you all for checking out our website.

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